Franchising in Beauty Industry Europe

Buying a beauty center franchise is shown as one of the most profitable ways to be in the beauty industry. Investors who want to exist in the billion-dollar beauty industry can establish their own business and earn high profits by taking part in a profit-guaranteed franchise model. So, is it make sense to get a beauty salon franchise to enter the beauty industry?

Low Cost High Profit Franchising

While becoming a franchise in the beauty industry, it is very advantageous to be included in a system where you can earn high profits with low capital. At this point, you can do detailed research on existing franchise models while researching brands.

As a Turkish brand, Neslim Güngen is known as a profitable business opportunity and a good franchising opportunity for investors who want to be in the beauty industry.

So, why is Neslim Güngen franchising favored? This brand, which has a 360 degree franchising system is the best brand in Turkey to become a beauty center franchise.

After 120 branches, the aim of our brand is to achieve the same success in UAE and Europe. Neslim Güngen, which is preparing to open branches in Qatar and Dubai, wants to see its brand in European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium and England.

Neslim Güngen Franchising in Europe

Neslim Güngen franchising; which has reached 120 branches with location consultancy, architectural support, staff recruitment, staff training, device and product supply, social media and digital media support and Neslim Güngen brand power, continues its negotiations with European investors for new master franchise agreements.

  • Location Consultancy

The expert staff of Neslim Güngen beauty center franchising, supports new investment partners in location consultancy. Thus, it is easier to reach potential customers by choosing the most suitable location.

  • Architectural Support

The predetermined architectural design of the Neslim Güngen brand is applied and the ready architectural drawing is delivered. Thanks to the architectural support, the new investors for Neslim Güngen beauty center creates an architecture and decoration in accordance with the franchise model.

  • Staff Recruitment

Investors choose the Neslim Güngen Franchising system for many reasons. Choosing the right staff is extremely important for a beauty center. Experienced, experienced, friendly staff is very important to create customer loyalty and provide quality service.

  • Staff Training

The training of devices and products used in Neslim Güngen branches is given by expert trainers at the center office in Istanbul. With the trainings, the estheticians become master to use of all devices and products.

  • Product and Device Supply

The devices and products used in Neslim Güngen branches are produced in the factory, which is also owned by Neslim Güngen. In this way, members of the Neslim Güngen beauty center franchise family can have all these advantages

in Europe too.