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Permanent Lip Coloring

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Permanent Lip Coloring

There is no single standard of beauty. However, women definitely like fuller lips now. This is where the permanent lip coloring application comes into play! In the past, women used cosmetic solutions such as lip liner to make their lips look better.

Permanent lip coloring, which has increased its popularity especially in recent years, is applied to change the color of the lips with a permanent technique and make it more prominent. The biggest advantage is; What looks natural is that it results in lips and the results are long-term.

If you look at our before and after posts about lip coloring on Instagram; You can see that it is possible to feel more confident with lips that look natural, do not contain lipstick or shine, and are prominent!

How to Permanently Color Lips?

Permanent lip coloring is a relatively permanent tattoo type that is made using permanent makeup device, using dyes with herbal ingredients and giving color to the lips.

It does not cause any changes in the shape and feel of the lips.

However, it both saves you time for lip makeup and eliminates the pigment problem on your lips.

Procedure involves a semi-permanent change of the color of the lips by using a fast and consistent hand movement and penetrating the skin with a permanent make-up device.

It is usually preferred by our clients who do not want to have to apply lipstick or shine.

Permanent Lip Coloring Advantages

  • Increases your self-confidence
  • Makes your face stand out with natural-looking and vibrant lips
  • Creates a fuller look feeling on your lips
  • Adds an impressive balance to your face
  • Provides comfort in daily makeup applications
  • Helps those who are allergic to traditional makeup products
  • Hides imperfections on the lips

The most important advantage of permanent lip coloring is to save time from your daily makeup routine.

If you have a very active lifestyle, if you feel that your lips don’t look as attractive as they used to, or if you are allergic to makeup products like lipstick, permanent lip coloring may be the best choice for you.


 The procedure consists of 2 sessions.

After the lip coloring procedure, the lips may look fuller. However, this effect is temporary and returns to its natural state within 1-2 days.

Yes. Before the procedure, you can choose according to your lip color and the color you want.

Is lip coloring safe?

Possible side effects related to permanent lip coloring; edema, dryness, blistering and peeling after the procedure.

In some rare cases, there may be difficulty eating and speaking. However, when done by experts and experience, such a risk is negligible.

The period of complete recovery after the procedure takes an average of 3-4 days.

During this process, it is normal for you to experience dryness in your lips. For care after lip coloring, you can use lip moisturizers during the healing process.

Lip coloring is a completely safe procedure when applied by professional hands.

If you have a specific skin condition, you can come to our center to consult our experts free of charge to determine if this type of procedure is suitable for you.

The permanence of permanent lip coloring is on average 1-1.5 years.

Over time, the lips gradually return to their natural colo. After the procedure, annual renewal sessions are recommended to increase the permanence of the lip color you obtain.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different.

 However, during the procedure, our clients usually do not feel any intense pain or soreness. It is more commonly described as a slight scratching sensation.

 It is recommended that you to not have skin care for at least 5 days after permanent lip coloring and avoid the pool and sea, sauna and steam room. With applying ointment to your lips, you can brush your teeth.

The lip coloring process can cause edema and swelling in some sensitive skins. After 3-4 days of healing, the swelling in the lips is expected to decrease.