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Permanent Eyeliner

Neslim Güngen Beauty Center

Take advantage of Neslim Güngen® Beauty Center’s skin care protocols for the different needs of your skin! 

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner makes you look charmingat any time of the day!

Eyeliner is one of the best makeup applications that give meaning to the looks. It can be thick or thin, but it almost always creates a impressive look.

In fact, all these color options also apply to permanent eyeliner application. When done in the right center, it makes you look makeup at any time of the day.

At the branches of Neslim Güngen Beauty Center, we design the permanent eyeliner application specially for you and decide the most suitable color for you. With the right application, we provide a charming effect on your whole face.

Save time in the morning

Makeup and, of course, eyeliner is an essential part of a woman’s morning routine. But this can be especially scary when you don’t have much time to leave the house.

Or, maybe you’re tired of repeating the same routine every morning.

When applying makeup with sleepy eyes, your hands may shake, you may make mistakes because time is limited. All this makes it difficult to apply eyeliner.

A permanent eyeliner application is a great choice for women who are faced with such problems.

Permanent Eyeliner Persistence

Permanent eyeliner is considered a semi-permanent procedure.

Although the color of eyeliner decreases over time, the pigment dyes used can have a lifelong permanence on the skin.

Eye cream and other products that regularly come into contact with the eye area result in the permanent discoloration of the eyeliner pigment over time.


During the procedure, hypoallergenic pigments are used. These mineral pigments are placed in the top layer of the skin with the eyeliner device. It is a process that takes an average of 60 minutes.

Permanent eyeliner is a more reliable and reversible procedure as it does not penetrate deeply into the skin like traditional tattoos.

Generally, there is no need to perform a skin test before the procedure.

At our center, we decide if a skin test is needed based on medical history, allergies and other details that may affect the appropriateness of the procedure.

Permanent eyeliner gives charm to your look without having to use eyeliner in front of the mirror in the morning. It is also a useful procedure to improve the look of eyelashes.

Permanent eyeliner when performed by an experienced beauty center is generally considered a safe procedure.

Therefore, make sure that you do your research well before choosing the specialist to perform the procedure.

If you plan to improve your appearance with permanent eyeliner, there are some important points you need to know to go through the process smoothly. So, what should you pay attention to before permanent eyeliner?

Avoid direct exposure to the sun at least 3 days before the application

If sunburn is in question, this period should be 4-5 days

Avoid consuming too much coffee before the session as caffeine can act as a blood thinner

Stop drinking alcohol at least 24 hours before the application

After the procedure, to accelerate the healing process of the area; it is always best to avoid contact with makeup, water and cream.

After 24 hours have passed since the application, you can gently clean the area with warm water.

Do not touch your eyelash bottoms with a brush, do not apply rubbing motion, do not scratch.

Make sure that the area is completely dry. If you notice that your eyes are sticking when you wake up, be gentle to separate them.

Yes. As a beauty center with international quality standards, we use the most advanced and innovative technologies.

We carry out the procedures in a sterile way with disposable needles. The application can be safely preferred because it is performed by our expert estheticians.