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Lipones Slimming Method

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Lipones Slimming Method

Lipones slimming method is a non-surgical body shaping process that uses ultrasonic sound waves to remove regional fats and cellulite by breaking down fat cells under the skin.

With the pressure exerted during the process, it allows the fat cells to turn into a liquid form. Then, these fats are converted into metabolic wastes and excreted from the body through urine and sweat.

It is more preferred than surgery and other invasive procedures in body shaping and reducing body fat. This is due to the fact that both there is no downtime and a return to social life is possible immediately after the procedure.

Although it is a method that provides a definitive solution in burning fat, it is important to remember that your fats can come back due to a high-calorie diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Let’s get to know the most innovative technologies in non-surgical body shaping, a little more closely.

What Is Lipones?

Lipones slimming method is based on the principle of destroying stubborn fat cells in the body. Unlike traditional procedures, there is no recovery time. You may need more than one application for satisfactory results.

It uses ultrasonic sound waves to break down the fat cell walls in the treatment area. Thus; the fats inside are released to be metabolized by the body and their size is reduced.

Since it works without damaging the surrounding tissues, it can be safely preferred by healthy adults.

What are the advantages of Lipones?

One of the most important advantages of the procedure is that it is not surgical. Using ultrasonic sound waves provides thinning and shaping in any part of the body in a painless and comfortable way, it is designed to reduce stubborn fats in the body.

Since it is non-surgical and painless, it also has advantages such as returning to daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Lipones, also known as “ultrasound-assisted lipoectomy” is one of the latest Technologies in non-surgical body shaping.

With its innovative technology; abdomen, leg, hips, back, arm, inner leg, face and different parts of the body is one of the most interesting procedures of our clients.


Although the results vary according to the metabolic structure of the person, it is possible to see the effects from the first application.

In the application area, it is possible to achieve thinning between 3 and 15 cm immediately after the procedure.

Lipones are suitable for anyone with stubborn fats. The application provides very satisfactory results in the region. It does not pose any risk to health. Ultrasonic sound waves do not have any harm for human health.

 The results of Lipones are permanent.

However, it should be remembered that extra pounds can come back if a high-calorie diet and a sedentary lifestyle are followed.

 Lipones can be applied in all body areas where fat cells are excessive. It is preferred for fattening in the abdomen, tickle, cheek, arm, front and back leg, hip and back area.

Lipones, which is shown among the best methods for reducing body fat; It uses low-frequency ultrasonic sound waves.

These waves first explode the fat cells under the skin, then allow them to be expelled from the body through urine and sweat.

 During the procedure, you don’t feel any pain.

The results to be obtained from the procedure depend entirely on the person’s body structure and metabolism.

Our clients can see 3-15 cm thinning from the first application.

After the procedure, it is very important to consume plenty of water to accelerate the elimination of fats from the body.

 It’s important to limit coffee consumption and do physical activities during the day, such as walking. It is also recommended that you avoid foods high in fat and acidic drinks.