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Eyelash Lifting and Silk Lashes

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Eyelash Lifting and Silk Lashes

WHAT IS Eyelash Lifting? HOW TO APPLY?

Eyelash lifting and silk eyelashes are one of the most popular permanent makeup applications recently among women who care about their beauty.

If you always want to have fuller and amazing eyelashes, you can have fuller eyelashes for a long time with eyelash lifting.

What is Eyelash Lifting?

Eyelash lifting is a permanent makeup application that curls the eyelashes permanently for at least 2-4 months. It is very popular among women who care about their care.

You can have more attractive and fuller eyelashes for at least 10 weeks with eyelash lifting, which makes natural eyelashes look fuller and make your beauty more attractive.

How is Eyelash Lifting Applied?

  • In the eyelash lifting application, a silicone pad is first glued to the eyelash line in order to give a long-lasting curling effect to the eyelashes.
  • Then, the eyelashes are pasted by combing backwards one by one.
  • Then certain solutions are applied.
  • In the next step, the solution is applied with micro rods to the backward-glued eyelashes. During the waiting period of 15-20 minutes, the eyelashes are separated one by one, ensuring that the solution is evenly distributed on each lash.
  • Finally, another solution is applied to the eyelashes and a waiting period is required again. After the procedure, another solution containing keratin and color nourishing is applied to the eyelashes, and the eyelash lifting process is completed.


Eyelash lifting generally does not cause any harm. However, since the procedure is performed around the eye area, extreme caution should be exercised during the procedure. The eyes may be irritated because chemical solution is applied to the eyelashes during the lifting process.

  • Eye makeup should be carefully cleaned before eyelash lifting application.
  • After make-up cleaning, there should be no makeup residue and a dry structure should be obtained.
  • If a contact lens is used, the contact lens must be removed before lifting.
  • Eyelash lifting is not recommended in case of discomfort such as allergies and eyelash loss.
  • Take care that your eyelashes do not come into contact with water for 24 hours after eyelash lifting.

The duration of the Eyelash Lifting process varies according to the structure of your eyelashes. For people with short and straight eyelashes, the procedure may take longer. Eyelash lifting is completed in an average of 45-60 minutes.